Advance novel immuno-oncology products and bring new treatment options to cancer patients.
Immune-Onc Therapeutics is a newly established bio-pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing innovative therapeutic antibodies for cancer treatment.

Centrillion Technologies

Open the source code of life.
Centrillion Biosciences develops genomics and DNA analyses technology for personalized medicine, life sciences research, and bioinformatics.

Cofactor Genomics

Using RNA to diagnose disease.
The past Human Genome Project Scientists that are developing the next generation of diagnostics and disease monitoring tests for the 95% of diseases that cannot be diagnosed by DNA..


Combat infectious diseases without the use of shared-class antibiotics.
EpiBiome is a venture-backed precision microbiome engineering company tackling the challenge of antibiotic resistance by developing alternatives to small-molecule antibiotics for use in healthcare, veterinary and agriculture industries.


Enable precision data for precision medicine.
Sentieon develops and commercializes cloud-based bio-informatics solutions for the life sciences and clinical market. They develop and supply a suite of bioinformatics secondary analysis tools that process genomics data with high computing efficiency, fast turnaround time, accuracy, and consistency.

Industrial Microbes

Industrial Microbes upgrade natural gas to chemicals using synthetic biology.
Industrial Microbes is building a fermentation technology to convert methane and carbon dioxide into valuable, versatile building-block chemicals used in a wide range of applications.

TP Therapeutics

TP Therapeutics is a structure-based drug design pharmaceutical company.
Utilizing her in-depth expertise in structure-based drug design, TP is focusing on the delivery and development of precision medicines for cancer and other diseases.