Cloud & Mobile



Combining team chat with file sync & share.
AeroFS provides a file sharing/syncing service that never requires your files be loaded or stored on third party servers; your data is stored only on the devices you designate. AeroFS desktop and server software can run entirely behind your firewall, including authentication.


Predict, optimize, collaborate.
CloudBrain provides safe, efficient, real-time, and easy to use artificial intelligence cloud services to help customers into large data efficiency.


iBeat develops wearable-as-a-service that perpetually monitors and analyzes users’ 24-7 heart activity.
iBeat is a technology company empowering people to live longer lives. The team is currently working on a breakthrough Wearable-as-a-Service™ that perpetually monitors and analyzes users’ 24-7 heart activity.

The power to sell anytime, anywhere.
AI Assisted Shopping technology helps consumers make great buying decisions quickly and easily. Magia represents a significant competitive advantage for all forward-thinking retailers, whether brick-and-mortar or online.


Virool is a programmatic video marketing platform for individuals, small businesses and global brands and their agencies.
More than 30,000 global advertisers are using the Virool platform to promote their video messages, engage their audience and elevate their brand.


Artificial intelligence driven software for medical analytics.
CloudMedx is a Clinical AI Computing platform that uses healthcare specific NLP and Machine learning to generate real-time clinical insights at all points of care to improve patient outcomes.

FirstMile Alloy

FirstMile Alloy provides identity verification APIs that make KYC/AML effective and simple.
Alloy allows you to customize every piece of data that we retrieve and compute dynamically.


The worlds most intelligent and intuitive Adaptive Video Player.
APIs built by developers for developers enable complete customization of your DASH and HLS encoding workflow. No plugins, no buffering and fast startup.


Social IT-infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises.
The protonet box is a small box that combines hotspot functionality and network attached storage with a social network for small business. With the protonet software it becomes simple to store and share data within projects or departments and communicate securely from anywhere.