The next generation of input devices.
With our multi-touch, pressure-sensitive technology, we seek to outperform existing industry-standard touch solutions in accuracy, latency, and power, while offering an extra dimension of control in the form of force sensitivity.

Dash Robotics

High-performance and low-cost robots.
Dash Robotics builds high-performance, low-cost robots by bringing together technology, biology, and advanced manufacturing techniques. Dash Robotics wants to make the world of robotics accessible and put robots in everyone's hands.


Smart cooking appliances that empower people who love food to evolve the way they cook and eat at home.
The Cinder Sensing Cooker, a smart, countertop appliance that uses patent-pending sensing and control technology for precision-temperature cooking and searing in the same unit.


Deako provides an easily upgradable lighting system.
Deako allows people to be able to control the switches with or without their mobile devices. Deako switches automatically light up houses to - no need to pull out users’ phone or use some special remote.


High accuracy, secured, intelligent navigation solutions.
State-of-the-art algorithms for different dynamic motions of Vessels, Ships, Helicopters, UAV, and Land Vehicles.


Pioneer in wearable sports technology.
Revolutionizing training with innovative multi-sensor, high-speed full-body motion analysis.

Brilliant Home Technology

Goodbye, light switch. Hello, smart home control!
Brilliant is both a smart lighting system and a whole new way to control your home from any room using touch and voice.

Eight Sleep

Eight is a technology company that develops a smart bed cover for a better night's sleep.
Eight is revolutionizing the way we sleep. In the form of a smart mattress cover, Eight is a non-wearable sleep tracker that uses innovative technology to track and learn over 15 factors from your sleep patterns and bedroom environment..