Modular Surgical

Modular Surgical enables Single Port laparoscopic results with a Multi-cannula approach.
Modular Surgical enables Single Port laparoscopic results with a Multi-cannula approach - using a single 12 mm port incision and multiple needle punctures.

Magnetic Insight

Ground breaking imaging technology addressing today's clinical and translational research challenges.
MPI is a radically new technology offering the sensitivity of nuclear medicine, penetration and resolution of MRI at real time speed.


QuanDx develops life science reagents and molecular diagnostic kits for applications in various diseases.
QuanDx’ vision is to develop and commercialize innovative and unique research / clinical diagnostic assays based on proprietary technology for use in clinical and research laboratories worldwide.


BaseBit Technologies develops a broad range of products and applications for data driven healthcare applications.
Enables early detection of colon cancer using a high-sensitivity genetics-based test that requires only a small blood sample.


Giving new hope to men suffering from BPH symptoms.
The Innoflow device uses a mechanism known to relieve BPH symptoms with a unique design that enables it to avoid the complications associated with prior solution attempts.


Embolic protection catheter.
Emboline is a medical device company with a game-changing device for total embolic protection during percutaneous heart valve repair.

Spinal Singularity

Spinal Singularity develops a semi-permanent, minimally invasive, smart catheter system for bladder management.
We design devices to improve the quality of life for people with Spinal Cord Injury and Disease. Our first product, The Connected Catheter, will revolutionize the way millions of people deal manage their bladders.


A state of the art non-invasive cryosurgical tool for various surgical procedures including the ENT procedures.
Arrinex’s ClariFix is a handheld disposable device that utilizes a cryoballoon to efficiently distribute the cryogen over a predetermined target for tissue ablation.

Multiply Labs

Individuals the freedom to customize their intake of supplements to optimize their day.
Using patent-pending release technology developed at MIT and the University of Milan, Multiply Labs wants to change the way that people think about and take supplements.


InnoVein is revolutionizing vein care with an implantable valve.
InnoVein is a venture backed medical device company. Its technology is focused on cardiac and arterial approaches.


Radiaction develops technology that provides comfort and radiation safety for personnel performing fluoroscopy-guided procedures.
Radiaction's goal is to increase capacity and productivity of the medical teams by eliminating the use of heavy protective apparel and manually operated shields.

Aranz Medical

Aranz Medical offers 3D scanning applications for wound care and orthotics/prosthetics.
ARANZ Medical is an innovator of medical solutions, commercializing 3D scanning applications for wound care and orthotics/prosthetics.

Qool Therapeutics

Qool Therapeutics is dedicated to creating non-invasive, efficient temperature management therapies to preserve cells.
Designed to deliver aerosolized frozen saline particles to the lungs, the Qool Therapeutics System utilizes the large surface area of the lungs and direct blood path to the heart and brain to efficiently cool the body.